Don't Say it - Christmas is coming....

Don't Say it - Christmas is coming....

September is about getting back to school, getting back into the swing of things and enjoying our beautiful Fall weather here in the East Kootenay's. But here at Retro we are already thinking about Black Friday and our Holiday Season! 

Jeremy's been in the store prepping it for our holiday season, making room for new product and showcasing our most popular products - VINYL RECORDS!!

We'd love you input as to what you'd like to see in store for this Holiday season. Is it Black Friday drops from the below list

Or a specific product that you'd love to purchase from us. Drop us a line via the website, Social media or comment on this post!! 

In the meantime, please note that we are closed on Mondays from September 20th till closer to the holiday season. But we will still ship/delivery any product out on those days.

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